Benito meat was founded in 1961 by Benito Marro. His first endeavor was located at the Montreal famous Jean-Talon market. Boucherie Marro was the beginning of many more successful retail and wholesale meat distribution stores.

Benito then moved on to bigger and better things. In 1962 he started what would be one of Montreal's leaders in the wholesale meat distribution, "Viande en gros Benoit".

Viande en gros Benoit was in production till 1992. Thirty years of serving large supermarkets, institutions, hospitals, restaurants, with service and pride.

Between 1962 and 1992 there were many more additions to his investments.

Here is a quick overview of all our years in business :

  • 1961 Boucherie Marro
  • 1962 Viande en gros Benoit
  • 1968 Boucherie Benito
  • 1976 Boucherie Modern
  • 1978 Boucherie Canada
  • 1980 Boucherie Trecolor
  • 1983-92 New development for Viande en Gros Benoit
  • 1992- present, Bentio wholesale meat and deli